I am a final-year student specializing in Sculpture & Environmental Art at the Glasgow School of Art, In my practice I delve into the alchemy of nature's transformations. I am currently preparing for my degree show. I employ a process driven practice which tries to explore the interplay between chemical shifts in nature and my place in our single serving society. 

My practice is a response to the constant stimulation of our digital world. As we enter the 5th industrial revolution, I often feel like a puppet to my phone, unable to switch off. The digital stimuli, which constantly creeps further into every aspect of my life, horrifies me. To counter this, I focus on manual processes with a drive to become self-sufficient. I am interested in the energy within our land and history, and how energies and forces transfer through biological and industrial changes. Additionally, I research how context and history can be passed through objects and materials.
Ceramics serves as a perfect link between chemistry, art, and place. Using Clay gathered from an abandoned ironstone mine, I create pieces that are site responsive. The clay embodies the social history of the moors & the mine, becoming part of the conversation within my work.

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